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      INSIGHT 2019

      Intelligence Accelerated?

      San Francisco // October 24

      Data Comes to Life Through Intelligence Accelerated

      At Insight 2019, Micron brought together the industry’s leading thinkers, decision-makers, and influencers to discuss their visions of a world activated by data.

      View the webcast   See the announcements   View the agenda

      Insight 2019 Featured Speakers

      Shantanu Narayen

      Chairman and CEO, Adobe

      Dr. Lisa Su

      President and CEO, AMD

      Lip-Bu Tan

      President and CEO, Cadence Design Systems

      Sanjay Mehrotra

      Sanjay Mehrotra

      President and CEO, Micron Technology

      Andrew McAfee

      Andrew McAfee

      Principal Research Scientist, MIT Sloan School of Management

      Andrew McAfee

      Steve Mollenkopf

      CEO, Qualcomm

      An Exciting Lineup of Panels at Insight 2019

      Industry experts will discuss how AI and data analytics help scientists and researchers improve patient care. Groundbreaking technologies aid molecular diagnostics and analyze data patterns to provide better treatments.
      Panelists will answer the question: how do leading-edge technologies find a needle in a haystack or, in the case of CERN, find insights in mountains of data to discover the nature of the universe?
      Mobile industry leaders will share their perspective on 5G technology and how the world’s fastest communications ecosystem is rapidly evolving.
      How quickly and at what scale will mobility be transformed? This panel will bring together leaders across the automotive, transportation and mobility industries to evaluate the upcoming disruptions impacting the way people travel.

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